An international market leader in fat processing thanks to a hole in the refrigerator.

JUCHEM FOOD INGREDIENTS GMBH (JFI) is part of the Saarland-based JUCHEM GROUP. Technologically speaking, the family-run business is a leader in grain and fat processing. This mid-sized company’s customers include numerous brand names in the food industry, industrial and traditional bakeries and retailers.

230 employees at several locations use modern manufacturing processes to produce high-quality basic materials from valuable raw materials. These include ultra-fine fat powders and emulsifier powders at JFI’s three plants. Furthermore, we also offer contract-based spraying of all fats and fat-like products.


We spray with innovation to produce premium foods and balanced nutrition.

From the idea to the patent

In the 1960s, Franz Josef Juchem tested a ground-breaking idea in his home kitchen: He sprayed liquid fat into a refrigerator through a hole, thereby laying the foundation for the state-of-the-art Frijet process. The patented method he developed allows for liquid fats, emulsifiers and stearine and related substances to be sprayed at a microfine level and at a melting point of 40 °C or higher with an adjustable particle size. As a result, pure fat powder can be manufactured without carriers or antioxidants.

Innovating towards the future

At the beginning of the 2000s, JUCHEM FOOD INGREDIENTS refined the Frijet process. The new process allows for even finer powder to be sprayed with lower energy consumption. This innovative method is used in a newly created, cold-air continuous co-current tower. It makes JFI the only manufacturer capable of manufacturing palm stearin fat powder in organic quality, cocoa butter and shea butter stearin powder. Another innovation is the fact that production complies with Jewish and Islamic dietary laws.


Certified quality. For the best ingredients and healthy foods.

At the JUCHEN GROUP, carefully handling natural resources and producing the best food and food ingredients have always been a matter of course long before “organic” and “ecological” became household names, and even today, we feel an obligation towards this principle – evidence of which can be found in our ongoing, in-house quality management process and regular inspections of our processes and products by independent third parties. Our reward entails satisfied customers who confide in our certified quality.


Think and act ethically. Out of responsibility for man and nature.

Man and our environment have been the focus of our actions for 100 years. As such, we feel that contributing to healthy eating – the most fundamental of all human necessities – is just as important for our family business as sustainable production. At all our locations in Lebach, Eppelborn, Blieskastel-Breitfurt and Großrosseln, we use modern technology in such a way that sensitive ingredients are treated as gently as possible. Furthermore, our production processes reproduce nature’s cycle to the closest extent possible. Each step of the manufacturing process must be comprehensible and verifiable. For instance, this is evidenced at JFI in the internal quality criteria, membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the consistent use of RSPO-certified palm oil in our production.